St. Patrick’s Day 2014

St. Patrick’s Day 2014 Parades, Festivals and Events celebrating St. Patrick, Ireland and the Irish heritage are upon us. At we have provided the most comprehensive Parade and Pub searches available along with an abundance of information on the History of St. Patrick and this Holiday. We hope you enjoy our website and wish everyone a Happy 2014 Saint Patrick’s Day.


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Irish Toasts and Quotes

The person who brings a story to you will take away two from you.
St. Patrick

This Day in Irish History

On the 20th of December
In the year: 1998
There is renewed speculation that the IRA will make a token gesture on the issue of decommissioning ...

Upcoming St Patricks Day Parades & Other Irish Events

Savannah Irish Festival 2015 - 2015-02-13 - Atlanta, GA US

The Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick and his holiday, St. Patrick’s Day have been the inspiration of millions of Irish and Irish Descendants across the world for centuries. St. Patrick is also the inspiration for our website. We have focused on providing you everything we can about St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland and the Irish. We feel privileged that you have visited our website and for your convenience have provided below a brief overview of the things that you will find on the Home tab we provide information on SaintPatricksDay, LLC which owns,,, and over 100 other Irish-related websites. This section also provides a brief description of our company and links to other parts of the website.

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