Citation from the Martyrology of Donegal

(written in 1630 completed on April 19)

“Patrick, noble Apostle of the island of Erinn, and head of the religion of the Gaeidhill, the first primate ,and the first legate who was appointed in Erinn; and it was he, moreover, that brought the people of Erinn, both men and women, from the darkness of sins, and vices ,and paganism, tothelight of faith, and piety, and knowledge of the Lord. Three hundred and fifty holy bishops, andthree hundred priests, was the number on whom he conferred orders. Three hundred alphabets he wrote, and three hundred churches he erected, as these verses prove:

“Seven times fifty holy learned bishops This holy man consecrated, With three hundred virgin presbyters, Upon whom he conferred orders; “Three hundred alphabets he wrote, (church consecrations) Beautiful was the touch of his hand; Three hundred beautiful churches he founded, He raised them from the ground.”

It is he, moreover, that remained from Shrovetide till Easter without food, as is (stated) in his own Life, and as Cuimin of Coindere proves in the poem whose begtinning is:

“Patrick of the fort of Mach, loved, Son of Calpurn of high rule, From Shrovetide till Easter (to be) without food, No Penance was greater than his penances.”

Innumberable also was the number of signs and miracles he performed; by resuscitating the dead from death; by curing lepers, and the blind, and the lame, and people of every disease in like manner. Two years and six socre was his age when he resigned his spirit in the year 493. Bishop Tasach was he who gave the body of Christ to Patrick.

The life of Ciaran of Cluain states, Chap. 8 that the Order of Patrick was one of the eight oders which are in Erinn. ( The Martyrology of Donegal, Trans:John O’Donovan, Eds. James Henthorn Todd, William Reeves,IIACS,Dublin,1864.)