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This Day the 23rd of October in Irish History.

In the year: 1948
Gerry Robinson, (UK businessman, is born in Co. Donegal

In the year: 1931
The IRA and other organizations are declared illegal in the Free State and the Catholic Church excommunicates members of all of them, including Saor Eire, which soon dissolves

In the year: 2001
The Government announces it will sell off one-third of Aer Lingus at a knock-down price in order to fund a drastic rescue plan for the airline.

In the year: 1970
Charles Haughey, former Minister for Finance, is acquitted of charges that he and Neil Blaney, former Minister for Agriculture, imported arms for the IRA

In the year: 2001
Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble welcomes official confirmation that the IRA has put a quantity of guns and explosives beyond use

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