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This Day the 4th of March in Irish History.

In the year: 1867
Fenian national uprising begins in Ireland

In the year: 1888
Grace Gifford Plunkett, Irish patriot, is born in Rathmines, Dublin

In the year: 1916
First Irish Race Convention is held in New York City. Serves as immediate call for the Easter Rebellion in Dublin

In the year: 1704
Penal law 'to prevent the further growth of popery' restricts landholding rights for Catholics; gavelkind is reimposed on Catholics (unless the eldest son converts to Protestantism, in which case he inherits the whole); a 'sacramental test' for public office is introduced, directed mainly at Ulster Presbyterians

In the year: 2001
A car bomb explosion outside the BBC’s London headquarters on Wood Lane in west London is said to be part of an ongoing campaign of ‘‘murderous attacks’’ by the Real IRA

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