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This Day the 28th of March in Irish History.

In the year: 1646
Peace between the confederates and James Butler, the Marquis of Ormond and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, leads to a split within the confederation, i.e. between confederates and royalists

In the year: 1881
Birth of Martin Sheridan, "the world’s greatest athlete", in Bohola, Co. Mayo. Although largely unpublicised, Sheridan’s achievements in field athletics undoubtedly put him amongst the greats: in three successive Olympics he wins 5 gold medals, 3 silver and 1 bronze, and sets up 16 world records

In the year: 1874
Joseph McGarrity, Irish patriot, is born in Carrickmore, Co. Tyrone

In the year: 1932
Birth of Richard Burke, Fine Gael politician and EC Commissioner

In the year: 2000
Wildcat action by certain SIPTU rail workers in support of their National Bus and Rail Union colleagues quickly exacerbates the dispute; as the strike appears to worsen, commuters can expect another day of chaos in getting to work. On a lighter note, sales of bicycles in Dublin have soared

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