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Adam: (H) "son of the red earth." Adhamh (A-thuhv). Anglicized version of Irish Gaelic
Abb: (A-bahn or ah-BAN) "little abbot."
Abram: "high father"; version of Abraham.
Achaius: also can be Eochaidh.
Adair: "from the ford by the oak trees." Adare.
Adamnan: "little Adam." "the timid one"; name of an abbot of Iona. Awnan, Adomnan, Adhamhan.
Adrian: "of the Adriatic"; from original form Latin Hadrianus. Aidrian.
Aed: derived from the word aedh "fire"; common in early Ireland; name of several early saints, and four Ui Neill High Kings.
Aedan: (EH-thahn) dim. also can be Aed. Saint Aodhan of Fern performed many miracles, including healing the lame and blind son of a British king.
Aeducan: common dim. also can be Aed in medieval Ireland. Aodhagan.
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