This Day in Irish History

on the 23rd of February

In the year: 2001
Measures to prevent livestock with foot and mouth disease entering Ireland are tightened as Britain halts all internal livestock movements amid fears that the outbreak there is spreading

In the year: 1713
Nicola Hamilton, widow of Tristram Beresford MP, dies on her 47th birthday. On the day of her death, she gave a party to celebrate her 48th birthday; one of those present was the priest who had christened her. He pointed out that it was in fact her 47th birthday - she had been born in 1666, not 1665 as she had always supposed. On hearing this she turned deathly pale; she sent for her children, told them the whole story, and died later that day. The Black Mark of Lord Tyrone

In the year: 1965
Roger Casement's body is returned from England to be re-interred at Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin

In the year: 1935
Thomas Murphy, a playwright best known for his portrayal of the people in the working class rural town of Tuam, is born

In the year: 2003
Daniel Day-Lewis is named Best Actor for his role in Martin Scorsese’s epic Gangs of New York, the only prize which the film takes at the British version of the Oscars.