This Day in Irish History

on the 24th of May

In the year: 1487
Lambert Simnel (aged 10), the Yorkist pretender to the English throne, is brought to Ireland. It is claimed that he is Edward, Earl of Warwick (Clarence's son), but in fact, he is a baker's son - the real Warwick is a prisoner in the Tower of London and will be executed in 1499. Most of the Anglo-Irish believe that Simnel's claim is genuine and support him (exceptions are the Butlers, Waterford city and the Archbishop of Armagh, Octavian del Palatio); Simnel is crowned King of England as Edward VI in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin on this date. Walter FitzSimons, Archbishop of Dublin, is present at the crowning; he will be imprisoned in the Tower because of this

In the year: 2000
Two more members of David Trimble’s Ulster Unionist Assembly team are to oppose his plan to return to power sharing with Sinn Féin

In the year: 1813
A Catholic Relief Bill is introduced by Grattan in the House of Commons, and is narrowly defeated 251 to 247

In the year: 1923
Actress, Siobhan McKenna is born

In the year: 1921
1st parliament for Northern Ireland is elected