This Day in Irish History

on the 24th of February

In the year: 1797
Birth in Dublin of writer, artist, musician and songwriter, Samuel Lover. To him is attributed the romantic proposal "Come live in my heart and pay no rent"

In the year: 2000
A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II stolen from Edinburgh University by three inebriated Trinity College is returned

In the year: 2000
The North’s precarious peace process moves closer towards meltdown as Sinn Féin threatens to end their role as mediators with the IRA on decommissioning and warns of dissident republicans launching a renewed campaign of violence

In the year: 1948
Birth of Dermot Earley, Roscommon Gaelic footballer and GAA administrator, in Castlebar, Co. Mayo

In the year: 1692
The Treaty of Limerick is ratified by William of Orange