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2014 Brooklyn New York St. Patrick's Day Parade
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Starts: 2014-03-16 - 1:00 PM Ends: 2014-03-16 - 3:00 PM
Event Type: Parade
Sponsor: Brooklyn Irish American Parade Committee
Location: From 15th Street & Prospect Park West

Brooklyn, NY 00000
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2014 Brooklyn NY Saint Patrick's Day Parade 39th ANNUAL BROOKLYN ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE SUNDAY MARCH 16th, 2014 - 1:00 PM Parade Route: From 15th Street & Prospect Park West > Down 15th Street to 7th Avenue > Along 7th Avenue > To Garfield Place > Up Garfield Place To Prospect Park West > And Along Prospect Park West To 15th Street 9:00 AM PRE-PARADE MASS, HOLY NAME OF JESUS CHURCH 245 PROSPECT PARK WEST Celebrant: Most Reverend Paul R. Sanchez D.D., Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn 12:00 Noon: Bands & Marching Units should assemble on Prospect Park West between 9th Street & 15th Street 12:45 PM “Re-Dedication Ceremony” to the Heroes & Victims of 9/11 – WTC At Prospect Park West & 15th Street, before Parade “step-off” Reviewing Stand: Bartel Pritchard Circle/PPW/14th Street

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